Exterior cleaning encompasses all aspects of your home’s exterior. From top to bottom, roof to foundation, Bayside Exterior Cleaning can help you care for any unsightly or unwanted organic growth and reverse natural deterioration.

Exterior cleaning is not a new business by any means, however, our approach here at Bayside Exterior Cleaning puts us above all other competition. From the initial consultation our team works to personalize a strategy that will work best with your requested services. We put our customers first and look forward to continuing to build relationships with our community.

Yes! Power washing and pressure washing mean the same thing, just different synonyms.

More than likely! Even if your property does not have evident mold or moss growth, given we live in the PNW, it is just a matter of time before the growth occurs. Our soft washing system effectively and efficiently removes any forms of growth from your home’s exterior.

Pressure washing uses only water and high pressure to remove superficial growth and dirt whereas a soft wash service uses low pressure water rinsing and specific mixtures of soap and eco-friendly chemicals to “loosen” those tougher more severe areas. A soft wash is typically used when dealing with more delicate areas of your property such as the siding and roof.

In our soft washing mixtures we use a calculated ratio of water, surfactant, and various chemicals (dependent on the surface being cleaned and severity). The chemicals we use along with our procedure eliminates any risk of harm done to the surrounding environment or even parts of your home that you would like to remain untouched. We take our time to do the appropriate research and planning to ensure the safety of the homeowner and our team members.

You are not required to be home at the time of the service. Before the actual service date, there will be a point when one of our operations supervisors visits your home for the estimation process. At that point, our supervisor will document any important notes observed during the estimation and will share with you any additional information you may need prior to the servicing date. A scheduled date and time will be set in place if the estimation was approved, so there will never be any guessing on your end.

Absolutely not. Bayside Exterior Cleaning takes your home’s integrity very seriously and given the business uses high pressure water, the possibility for damage may present itself. This is counteracted using our training methods, experience, supervision, equipment. We perform a thorough analysis of the job before, during, and after the service.

Depending on the equipment available to the average consumer, results can vary. A simple pressure washing of concrete can be indistinguishable between a DIY and professional job. However, if the concrete has any discoloration on it other than dirt build up, that is where our professional service will shine through. The equipment used by our company is professional grade and with our experience, has proven to outperform a department store pressure washer DIY job. It will also save the home owner or property manager from having to take care of the dirty work and put the pressure on us to take care of it for you!

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