Keep Your Family Safe with Plant-Friendly Cleaning Options this Summer

Green Cleaning Products.jpegWith the PNW experiencing a record heat wave, people are spending more time than ever indoors with the AC turned up to 11. When spending so much time inside with air conditioners and fans blowing air in all directions, it’s important to ask, “What chemicals are currently being circulated in my home?”

As most of us know, common cleaning chemicals can pose a huge danger to children. This is why many people are turning to more natural cleaning solutions. But how do you know if a product is truly plant friendly? And how do you know products will be just as effective as traditional, chemical based cleaners? All your questions will be answered in this easy guide!

Finding Products That Are Truly Green

In order to provide better clarity on which products are actually plant-friendly (and not just pretending to be), several organizations and agencies have stepped up to offer certifications to help you make your purchasing decisions.

Design for the Environment

The DfE label is presented through an EPA partnership program. The purpose of the label is to easily identify products that are not only good for you and your family, but also for the planet.

In order to receive this label, companies need to demonstrate that they’ve made a substantial investment in research and development of products that are planet and health friendly while also meeting set performance standards.

Green Seal

Green Seal is a non-profit certification program. The non-profit status of Green Seal allows the organization to maintain integrity in the products it certifies. Products bearing the Green Seal symbol are recognized for embodying a deep commitment to the planet, but that are also effective and proven for meeting the purpose of their designs.

Products earning the Green Seal Certification have gone through a series of evaluations in order to determine that they live up to rigorous Green Seal standards for performance and functionality without having a negative impact on the planet or the people who populate it.

Green America Seal

Though the Green America Seal focuses on business standards rather than specific products, it does still indicate that a business is dedicated to leadership in the field of green business.

The organization offers two certifications: 1) The Green America Certified Business standards, which exemplifies businesses that adhere to certain standards of social and environmental responsibilities. 2) The Green America Gold certification indicates that the business exceeds the already strict standards established for the standard certification.

Trusted Green Brands to Look For

Here’s a list of trusted brands who are exceptional at being green!

Seventh Generation

With the mission of bringing “sustainable, innovative products to market,” a company was born. Seventh Generation is an organization that is committed to making products that will nurture health for the next seven generations.

The company offers a wide range of products from baby & child care products to health & beauty and cleaning products that are toxin free and absent of chemicals believed to be associated with a wide range of conditions including cancer, asthma, birth defects, and more.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan with the purpose of helping families everywhere find products that were safe to expose their families to while also being effective and eco-friendly.

It seemed like a tall order to fill and yet they’ve done so beautifully. More importantly, they’ve made these products affordable so that parents from all walks of life can afford to use these products in their homes and on their children.

They even offer bundles that ship monthly at substantial savings to help families stretch their budgets even further.


Biokleen is an organization that has perfected the idea of green cleaning over the past 25 years. The products are made in the USA with 100 percent renewable energy. The line of cleaners includes a wide range of products for cleaning homes, including pet stains and odors, that are natural and planet friendly.

Mrs. Meyer’s

This company fills a void in the cleaning supply market by offering products that are not only planet-friendly, but also smell great. One of the worst things about cleaning for many people is the harsh smells involved. Mrs. Meyer’s products are all about providing tough cleaning power without chemical odors and harsh fragrances.

They are made with essential oils from flowers and herbs in fragrances like: lavender, verbena, basil, and more to make cleaning the house a more pleasant experience all around.


This brand taps into Mother Nature herself in order to power the cleaning process. They are devoted to building a better world by cleaning the planet with natural products made from natural ingredients.

In the beginning it was a radical concept. Today, Ecover has 35 products available in over 40 countries. It’s a concept that is definitely taking root among earth-conscious consumers seeking safer products to expose their loved ones and the planet too.


We hope this guide helps you to purchase plant-friendly products that are safe for your entire family. If you’re interested in cleaning the outside of your home as well, check out our services page! We offer free estimates before every job so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Ask us about our first time cleaning discount!

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