The Bayside Water Initiative

pnw heat wave.jpegAs many of you know, the PNW has experienced a record setting heat wave followed by a drought this year. Because water is one of the main resources used to perform our cleaning services, we want to take steps to protect our local water supply while still providing the excellent quality of service our clients expect of us. This is where the Bayside Water Initiative comes into play.

The Bayside water initiative is a promise we are making to our community to do everything in our power to conserve as much water as possible while operating. So what does this look like?

To start, we will be implementing a water reclaim system when performing cleaning services. A water reclaim system is designed to capture excess water sprayed from our machines, filter it, and then pump this excess water back into our machines in order to minimize waste. On top of helping the environment, this system will also significantly decrease the impact of our cleaning services on our client’s water bills!

Second, we pledge to make minimizing water consumption one of our top priorities as a company. Though we feel we do a great job at this already by implementing techniques that reduce the amount of water used when completing our services, we plan to stress this idea with our employees even more and teach even more techniques that reduce water consumption into all future training sessions.

If you have any questions about our water initiative or would just like to learn more about our company, head over to our contact page and we’ll get back to you right away. Have a wonderful day!

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