Tips for Surviving a Home Renovation

home renovation.jpeg1) Create Alternative Spaces

Consider making an alternative space for whatever is being renovated. For example, if your Kitchen is getting remodeled, set up a temporary kitchen in another room. Get a mini fridge, hotplate, toaster oven and whatever else you need to feel at home. You don’t have to live without certain parts of your home just because one room is off limits for a while.

2) Plan for the Worst

Like any construction project, it’s likely that your project will take longer than expected. Planning for your renovation to go over schedule will not only keep your expectations more realistic, but also avoid having to rework your calendar. For example, if you’re planning to host a big dinner in your newly remodeled dining room a week after construction is supposed to finish, you may have to push it back a few weeks. Plan ahead to avoid the headache later!

3) Budget for the Worst

There’s a good chance your contractor may find issues in your home while working on your renovation, such as wood rot, mold, termites, etc. When setting your project budget, always set extra money aside to account for any unexpected issue.

4) Avoid the Renovation all Together

Most people don’t realize that many home renovations, such as a roof replacement, can be avoided entirely if proper maintenance is involved. That’s where Bayside Exterior Cleaning comes in. Our #1 goal is to save you money by avoiding expensive maintenance and repairs altogether. The average cost to replace your roof in the US is around $6,000 – $8,000 compared to a roof cleaning which usually costs around $300 – $500, and our roof treatments can extend the lifetime of your roof by up to 5 years! Head over to our services page to learn more. 

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