What is Exterior Cleaning?


Clients often ask us, “Why is your name Bayside Exterior Cleaning if you’re a pressure washing service?” which is a fair question to ask! Though pressure washing makes up much of what we do as a company, exterior cleaning encompasses much more than just spraying high-pressure water on surfaces, so it’s a word that better reflects our approach to cleaning your property. In this blog, we’ll break down the meaning of ‘exterior cleaning’ and why we incorporated it into our name.

What Exterior Cleaning Means to Us

Exterior cleaning means much more than just pressure washing to remove dirt and increase property value. To us, exterior cleaning also involves taking steps to prevent costly repairs to your property such as 1) Taking time to thoroughly examine the property before the cleaning to find what areas of your home are most at risk 2) Using a variety of techniques to clean other than pressure washing 3) Performing a maintenance check after each cleaning to ensure our processes are working and you’re satisfied.


The reason we call ourselves an exterior cleaning service rather than a pressure washing service is because pressure washing is only a part of what we do. Not only are we focused on increasing property value, but we also have a strong emphasis on preventing costly home repairs. Our goal is for our cleanings to only cost you a fraction of what a repair service would charge. If you’re interested in starting your exterior cleaning journey with a free estimate, head on over to our services page to learn how we can potentially save you thousands!

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