Why Cleaning Makes You Feel Amazing


The state of cleanliness in our homes and yards directly affects our health and well being. This blog will break down how both physical and mental health are connected to the tidiness of our properties.

Impact on General Health and Wellbeing

Infections and Illnesses

Believe it or not, the air inside our homes can often be dirtier than the air outside. Dead skin, dust, pet dander, and even dead insects contribute to this statistic. If not addressed through cleaning, this can cause a person to experience allergy symptoms, such as itchy eyes and a runny nose, throughout the entire year. A study conducted by Nicole Keith of the University of Indiana also determined that those who keep their house clean are more physically active and healthier than those who don’t, reducing the risk of heart disease. 

Safety and Wellbeing

Clutter in the home and around the yard is also known to cause common accidents such as: fires, falling, and broken bones. Though these issues are more common with hoarding situations, they can still occur to individuals in homes that have low to medium amounts of clutter.


Studies show that clutter, whether it be in our homes or yards, actually has an impact on sleep. This is because our brains see a mess as unfinished work and it’s hard for us to calm our minds when it feels like we still have tasks to complete. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation actually found that 75% of those asked say they experience significantly better sleep when in a clean environment.

Impact on Mental Health

Stress and Anxiety

A 2009 study on stress discovered that women who had higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) stated that their homes were messy and/or cluttered. The women were also found at higher risk to experience depression during the day and experience higher levels of anxiety overall.


A cluttered home, more often than not, has mold growing in at least some areas. A study published by the Environmental Health Perspectives found that when comparing the health and well being of those living in homes with mold vs. those without, those living with mold had a higher risk of depressive behavior by over 30%. Ensuring your home is clean, dry, and mold free can have a significant impact on your mental health.

General Statistics

  • 42% of women in a Homejoy survey stated that a messy home caused more stress

  • 18% of men in a the same Homejoy survey felt that cleaning was very therapeutic

  • The same survey found that more men tend to clean regularly than women, but not more thoroughly

  • 34% of men claim to only ensure the bedroom is clean

  • 31% of women describe themselves as people who clean the whole property

  • 18-24 year olds are classed as the messiest generation at the moment

  • 54% of people surveyed by Dr. Beckman stated they had cancelled plans because their home was not clean enough for them to host

  • 51% of arguments in the UK are caused by deciding whose turn it is to take the trash out


Choosing to regularly clean your home and yard has a significant, positive impact on both physical and mental health. We hope you found this article outlining how clutter directly affects our health helpful.

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