Why Should I Pressure Wash my House Siding?


When thinking of reasons to have your siding washed, curbside appeal is one of the first things that comes to mind. After all, what’s the purpose of soft washing my house if not to make it look good? It’s true that increasing curbside appeal and property value both result from soft washing, but the benefits don’t stop there! We’ve put together a list of the top reasons why you should have your siding regularly cleaned:

1) Protect Your Home

In the PNW, it’s extremely common to find moss, algae, and mildew growing on your siding. This growth slowly eats away at your siding, causing damage over time, eventually requiring expensive repairs. Another common issue caused by these types of growth are tannins. Tannins are organic compounds found in plants that have a HUGE potential to produce hard to remove stains. If algae remains on your siding for long, the stains left by these tannins can become incredibly hard to remove, so regularly cleaning your siding is vital if you want to avoid repairing your exterior.

2) Painting

As we just mentioned, removing any growth from your siding is vital if you want to avoid repainting your house. Choosing to soft wash your siding can restore your paint to like-new conditions and even prevent a new paint job all together! If you are thinking of repainting your house however, a soft wash is still your friend. Before new paint can be applied, all dirt and growth must be removed first. Soft washing is one of the most time-effective ways to go about this!

3) Protect Your Family’s Health

On top of moss and algae, mold is another common type of growth in the PNW. Regularly cleaning the exterior of your home is one of the most effective ways of removing mold and fungi from your siding. 

4) Increase Property Value

As mentioned at the start of this blog, soft washing your siding can significantly increase your property value and curbside appeal. Studies show that on average, a freshly cleaned home can have its property value increased upwards of 5% and the amount of time it takes to sell the home decreases significantly. 

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