Wondering how to remove crayon from your wall? We have you covered!

crayon on wall.jpgIt’s a universal parenting experience. Your child has been rowdy all day and you’re just dying for a nap. Finally, they start to settle down in the other room and you get a moment to yourself. Suddenly, you realize just how quiet the house is, almost too quiet. You go to investigate and there it is, your child’s bedroom wall is covered with their rendition of the Mona Lisa in blue and green crayon. Now your mind races as you try to remember what color of paint you used on your walls and if you have time to go to home depot after work tomorrow, the stress of it all is just too much after a long day of parenting.

Does this situation sound familiar? Don’t worry there’s an easy solution that requires no painting! So what is it? Mayonnaise. Yep, the everyday mayo in your fridge might just be your wall’s saving grace. The oils in Mayonnaise just so happen to break down the wax in crayons without compromising your paint. Simply spread it on like you’re making a sandwich, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe it away!

Cleaning in general can be a struggle when taking care of one or more little ones in the house. If you’re struggling to find time to clean your gutters, roof, or concrete, we have you covered! We offer free, no-obligations estimates before every job so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Visit our services page to learn more. Happy cleaning!

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